Second Joint IEEE International Workshop on
Visual Surveillance and
Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance

In conjunction with ICCV 2005
15-16th October 2005, Beijing, China
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Call For Papers

Visual surveillance has a leading role to play in reducing the personal and financial costs of preventing crimes and terrorism. These costs are expected to be more than $1 trillion in 2005. It is now feasible to deploy large networks of cameras over wide areas and collect from the cameras colossal amounts of image data. The methods for processing this data have not kept pace with the improvements in the hardware. There is a strong demand for automatic methods for analysing, indexing and storing huge image databases. How can a complete picture of all the scene activities be obtained? How should events be classified and which events require the attention of the network operators? Is it possible to recognise people reliably using biometrics such as size, shape and gait? How can the data be indexed and stored in order to facilitate later searches? How should the performance of visual surveillance systems be measured? How should the information obtained from visual surveillance networks be supplied to and used by the larger social, legal and state infrastructures involved in the fight against terrorism?

The first IEEE International Workshop on Visual Surveillance was held in Mumbai, India in conjunction with ICCV'98, and subsequent workshops were held in Colorado, USA (with CVPR'99), Dublin, Ireland (with ECCV'00) and Nice, France (joint VS-PETS workshop with ICCV'03). PETS workshops have been held in Kauai, Hawaii (with CVPR'01), Copenhagen, Denmark (with ECCV'02) and Graz, Austria (with ICVS'03).

VS-PETS 2005 is a two day single track workshop Contributors are invited to submit to VS-PETS 2005 research papers in any area related to visual surveillance. Possible research areas include but are not limited to:

  • Background and environment modelling
  • Object tracking and classification
  • Behaviour analysis and recognition
  • Biometric identification
  • Image sequence classification
  • Image database annotation and searching
  • Wide area surveillance
  • Camera networks and data fusion
  • Camera calibration
  • Performance evaluation
  • Application Systems

Important dates

Deadline for paper submission:Thursday 30 June 2005 (the final deadline)
Notification of acceptance: Friday 29 July 2005
Deadline for camera ready copy: Friday 26 August 2005
Date of workshop: 15-16 October, 2005.


Registration is handled by the ICCV organization and will be available at the ICCV 2005 homepage.

Workshop Venue --NEW!

Hall 1-C in Building E of Beijing Hotel

Workshop Proceedings

The workshop proceedings are sponsored by IEEE ,

IEEE Catalog Number: 05EX1178
ISBN: 0-7803-9424-0
Library of Congress: 2005930540

Page count : 371
Payout per copy: 450RMB(50$)
If you are interested with the workshop proceedings,you can buy it at the registeration desk (15th,16th Oct.with the invoice on the spot) or contact with Kaiqi Huang(email:



  • R. Chellappa, USA
  • J. Ferryman, UK
  • T. Tan, China

Programme Committee Co-Chairs

  • J. Crowley, FR
  • S.Z. Li, China
  • S.J. Maybank, UK
  • M. Shah, USA

Programme Committee

  • J.K. Aggarwal, USA
  • M. Aggarwal, USA
  • T. Boult, USA
  • F. Bremond, France
  • R. Chellappa, USA
  • R. Collins, USA
  • J. Crowley, FR
  • L. Davis, USA
  • J. Ferryman, UK
  • S. Gong, UK
  • E. Hancock, UK
  • J. Heikkila, Finland
  • W. Hu, China
  • G. Jones, UK
  • S.Z. Li, China
  • S. Maybank, UK
  • T. B. Moeslund, Denmark
  • H.-H. Nagel, Germany
  • A. Pece, Denmark
  • J. Piater
  • G. Rigoll, Germany
  • S. Sclaroff, USA
  • N. Siebel, Germany
  • T. Tan, China
  • V. Ramesh, USA
  • A. Senior, USA
  • G. West, Australia
  • J.-K. Wu, Singapore

Local Arrangements

Chair: K. Q. Huang, China (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  • L. Xin
  • Z. Zhang
  • Y. Wang
  • W .H. Cheng
  • L. S. Wang
  • S. Q. Yu
  • D. L. Tan
  • Y. H. Cai
  • J. Cao
  • X. T. Yuan
  • A, Lu
  • T. Yang
  • J. Li


Kaiqi Huang (email: