Here are some sample images with annotations.

Dataset examples

Here are some sample images with ground-truth (white) and detection results of 'FacePP_v2' (red), 'ACF' (green) and 'DPM' (blue) (Specific references to these algorithms go to Results). Faces without bounding box of specific color are missed by the corresponding algorithm (displayed at a score threshold of 0.1 FPPI on the whole test set).

Detection samples


29/9/15: We add fine-grained results with regard to different views, check it out at Results page!

13/5/15: MALF is now a public benchmark. New submissions are always welcome!

13/3/15: Curves data available!

29/1/15: FG2015 Evaluation finished! 21 state-of-the-art algorithms are evaluated!

10/9/14: Dataset upgraded!

13/4/14: This face detection evaluation is part of the evaluations in FG2015.

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