Iris Database
Size: 22,051 iris images of more than 700 subjects
Three subsets. Clear iris, iris-lamp and iris-twins.
Size: over 16000 iris images taken from 800 eyes (400 subjects).
1000 free images, comprising 20 high resolution images each from 50 eyes (25 subjects)
Size: 1877 images collected from 241 persons
Noisy iris image data.
Size: 3 x 128 iris images (i.e. 3 x 64 left and 3 x 64 right)
The images are: 24 bit - RGB, 576 x 768 pixels, file format: PNG.
The irises were scanned by TOPCON TRC50IA optical device connected with SONY DXC-950P 3CCD camera.
Face Database
Size: 126 subjects, over 4000 images
different Facial expressions, illumination conditions, occlusions and two sessions
Size: 208 subjects
12 sessions were separated into 3 different scenarios two different cameras are used, a cheap analogue web cam and a high quality
Size: 99,594 images of 1040 subjects
different sources of variations, especially Pose, Expression, Accessories, and Lighting
Size: 41,368 images of 68 people
13 different poses, 43 different illumination conditions, and with 4 different expressions
Equinox IR
Size: 91 people
different illumination conditions and expressions
multi-modalities: 8-12 um and visible
Size: 14051 images
different facial expressions, illumination conditions, poses and sessions
CMU Hyper spectral
Size: 54 subjects
different illumination conditions and sessions
spectropolarimetric camera
Size: 200 subjects
each subject with 7 different poses Cyber-ware TM, two modalities
Size: hundreds of subjects
different facial expressions, illumination conditions, poses and sessions,different modalities, including IR, visible and range
Size: 295 subjects
different modalities, including colour images, sound files, video sequences and 3d Model
Size: hundreds of subjects
different facial expressions, illumination conditions, poses and sessions
different modalities, including high resolution still images, range images and multi-images of a person

Finger Database

NIST Databases
Size: various of special databases
test data produced by the Image Group to evaluate automated fingerprint classification/matching
Size: 150 fingers/ DB ,12 samples/ finger

four DBs are collected by four kinds of sensors image format is BMP, 256 gray-levels, uncompressed

Size: FVC2004 120 fingers/ DB,12 samples/ finger ,3 sessions
four DBs are collected by four kinds of sensors
FVC2004 databases are markedly more difficult than FVC2002 and FVC2000
Size: 110 fingers / DB, 8 samples / finger
four DBs are collected by four kinds of sensors
Palm Database
CASIA Palmprint Database
Size: 301 subjects, 5,239 images
All images are captured all by common web cameras in a contact-less palmprint recognition system, which is firstly developed by CASIA.
PolyU Palmprint Database 2nd
Size: 386 palms7,752 images
Around twenty samples from each of these palms were collected in two sessions, where around 10 samples were captured in the first session and the second session, respectively. The average interval between the first and the second collection was two months.
UST Hand Image Database
Size: 5,660 images of 283 subjects
All images contain complete hand regions, which reserve hand shape information precisely. All hand image are color images in JPEG format.
Eye Movement Biometric Database
Size: 358 eye movement recordings collected from 59 unique individuals
Equipment: All recordings are captured by an Eye Link II eye tracker at the sampling rate of 1000Hz. Chin rest is employed to stabilize subjects' heads during the recording.
Stimulus: pulse-step (jumping dot of light) vertical and horizontal, textual
Recording intervals: response to pulse-step stimulus is collected in two sessions over the course of a single day, the response to textual stimulus is collected in four sessions over the course of one week.
Data quality: average calibration error prior to each recording is 1.1 degrees of the visual angle (SD=1.25), average dataloss during recording 3.59% (SD=0.05%)
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