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A telivision program about face recognition technology of CBSR was presented on CCTV -2 "Service For You" 2007-06-28

CBSR proposed the first face recognition international standard for China in the International Biometrics Standardization Meeting in Berlin, German (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37) 2007-6-18

The construction of student corner is finished and welcome to visit 2007-05-30

CBSR Advisor, Prof. Tieniu Tan,to Deliver a Speech "Developments in the Burgeoning Chinese Biometrics Market" at Biometrics Exhibition and Conferences 2006

CBSR Director, Prof. Stan Z. Li, Delivers a Plenary Speech on ¡°Biometrics in china¡± at International Biometrics Standardization Meetings £šISO/IEC JTC1/SC37£©2006-7-15

Prof. Stan Z. Li is appointed an Associated Editor of IEEE Trans on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 2006-7-1

Prof. Stan Z. Li Gave a Short Course on Face Biometrics at University of Oulu, and Interviewed by High Tech Forum of ¡¶KALEVA¡·Magazine and by¡¶TECHNOLOGY & ECONOMICS¡·2006-4-20

Professor Stan Z. Li Delivers an Invited Talk on "Challenges and Solutions for Accurate Face Recognition" at The 7th IEEE International Conference Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG2006) 2006-4-15

AuthenMetric face recognition technology has been deployed for automatic immigration checking at ShenZhen-Hong Kong boarder since June 16 2005. One year operation show that the smart gates are preferred by 50% of passengers. 2006-6-20

AuthenMetric F1 Face Recognition System Distinguished Twins 2006-3-1

HK Biometric Passports Set for 2007

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