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  CASIA HFB Database

       CASIA HFB Database Version 1 consists of 100 subjects in total, including 57 males and 43 females. There are 4 VIS and 4 NIR face images per subject. For the 3D faces, there are 2 face images per subject for 92 subjects and 1 per subject for the other 8 subjects.

Details(including data format, agreement and application procedure) of this database can be found here

  CASIA Iris Image Database

        CASIA-IrisV4 is an extension of CASIA-IrisV3 and contains six subsets. The three subsets from CASIA-IrisV3 are CASIA-Iris-Interval, CASIA-Iris-Lamp, and CASIA-Iris-Twins respectively. The three new subsets are CASIA-Iris-Distance, CASIA-Iris-Thousand, and CASIA-Iris-Syn. CASIA-IrisV4 contains a total of 54,607 iris images from more than 1,800 genuine subjects and 1,000 virtual subjects. All iris images are 8 bit gray-level JPEG files, collected under near infrared illumination or synthesized. Different characteristics of the iris image subsets make it possible to study specific research issues of iris recognition, such as robustness of iris recognition against illumination changes, iris recognition of twins, etc.

Details of this database can be found at the website of Biometrics Ideal Test!


  Casia Gait Database

        The establishment of the CASIA Gait Database aims to provide data for the development of gait recognition algorithms.
        Details(including data format, agreement and application procedure) of this database can be found here.

  Casia Face Antispoofing Database

        We aim to provide an evaluation platform for the face antipsoofing researches on variational attacks. We find that existing databses in this field is relatively composed of simple and less variational attack data. Therefore by collecting this comprehensive database, we hope it can serve as an important supplementation to the literature.
        For more details about the database and application, please click here.

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