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Contact me: yuyinan[at]baidu[dot]com, yinan.yu@hobot.cc

Institute of Deep Learning (IDL) @ Baidu Research, Beijing, China

Now, I work in Horizon-Robotics. Director of Research and Development, Autonomous Driving Department.

I finished the postdocoral fellow work with Dr. Kai Yu and Prof. Changshui Zhang at the Institute of Deep Learning of Baidu, Inc.

I finished my Ph.D. in Pattern Recognition at NLPR, CASIA, under the supervision of Prof. Tieniu Tan and Prof. Kaiqi Huang in June 2012.

I still work in the area of computer vision and machine learning, especially on large scale visual recognition application and distributed machine learning algorithms.


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DeepInsight & DeeperVision got 3rd(mAP=40.4%) and 5th(p@5=90.5%) in ILSVRC2014 detection and classification task. Our single model on detection got 40.15% (mAP), while the second best (GoogLeNet) is 38%. all results.

PASCAL VOC 2011 Detection Challenge Winner, 1st, 40.9% mAP (We got 36.8% last year, 4.1% improvement)

PASCAL VOC 2011 Classification Challenge Honourable Mention, 2nd, 78.2% mAP (We got 71.2% last year, 7% improvement)

PASCAL VOC 2010 Detection Challenge Winner, 1st, 36.8% mAP


Applications & Products

  1. Deep Neural Network (DNN) for Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR)cbir
  2. Object Localization vis Deep Learningparsing/
  3. Object Detection via Deformabel Part Based Model (A C/C++ code will be released)cdpm
  4. Facial Landmark Localization (coming soon)
  5. Parallelized Distributed Large Scale Classification (coming soon)

Research interests

  1. Multiple Transform Estimation
  2. Object Detection
  3. Image Matching
  4. Interest point detection
  5. Image Classification and Object Recognition A software is released for test


Interesting Conferences

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